Announced recently in a promo that revealed nothing other than the creative team, it looks like the superstar team behind Civil War and Old Man Logan are set to join up again for Nemesis, coming March 2010 from ICON.

The original teaser poster.
The original teaser poster.

As it turns out, Nemesis is a creator-owned project that, in actuality, almost reads like a pitch for an Elseworlds title, similar to Millar’s own Superman: Red Son, that got scrapped.  Today on CBR, Millar described the project as “What if Batman were the Joker?”

nemesis2The story of Nemesis involves a Bruce Wayne/Tony Stark type character who uses his money to do villanous deeds, rather than to become a hero.  He’s also the world’s only super-villain, and he makes a habit out of taking his aggression on the best of the best that law enforcement has to offer.  Right now?  He’s set his sites on a Commissioner Gordon-type character.

The idea of the story is to go as big as they can go, both in spectacle and in sales.  Preview art shows a city being destroyed, and a cop getting the crap beat out of him.

Time will tell how well this series will do – I know with McNiven art, I’m liable to give it a shot and I’m sure a lot of fans are.  Still, if the series experiences some of the delays that their previous collaborations have experienced, I know fans are liable to get frustrated.

I like Millar, I really do, but I’m not always a fan of his work.  I loved the beginning of Old Man Logan, but hated the end.  I didn’t care for Wanted.  I did love the Wolverine: Enemy of the State storyline, and I’ve yet to read Kick-Ass.  Like Old Man Logan, I loved Civil War until the ending.

I don’t see any official word on the length of Nemesis or its schedule, other than starting in March 2010.  Keep your eyes here as we learn more, and check out the interview with Millar (which you’ll find yourself rolling your eyes at a lot) on CBR.

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