cap cardSometimes other people’s misfortune can be your awesome opportunity.  Case in point, DJ Coffman (Hero By Night, Rise of the Flobots) has experienced some technical difficulties.  While his PC is off at the shop, he’s struggling to keep busy.  Idle hands, y’know.

From his website:

So, I’m without my main computer (it’s in the shop with a virus) and I have a bunch of time to do actual drawing commissions this week. For this week only (through Dec 18th) I’ve decided to do full color art cards of ANY comic book or pop culture character (Star Wars, etc). $10 includes shipping in the US, and $20 will cover worldwide.

Coffman is providing the cards on trading card sized bristol board, colored with Prismacolor markers.  This is an amazing opportunity to grab some original artwork.

But the Coffmeister isn’t the only guy with terrific deals right now.

Another Indie comic type, Matthew Warlick, is having a Christmas sale, too!  Feeling a bit of a financial pinch, Warlick has some sweet deals on commissions at the moment.

I’m taking advantage of both sales.  You should, too!