War of the Supermen #0

As promised, DC’s Source Blog had not one, but two rather large announcements about upcoming DC projects!

First, DC has not only announced what their free book will be on next year’s Free Comic Book Day, but they’re also announced their next big crossover event (starting a mere two months after the end of Blackest Night, natch).  War of the Supermen #0, written by James Robinson, with art by Eddy Barrows, will be available to you for FREE on May 1, 2010.  What’s it about?  DC’s not saying, but I’m thinking we’ll see a war of kryptonians (bearing the “House of El” shield) vs. another set of kryptonians (maybe bearing the shield of “Zod?”) battling over Earth.  There’s even a hint that we’ll see multiple people wearing the shield – I figure that’s what that hint is supposed to mean.

One thing’s for sure … that’s one ugly cover by JG Jones.  I mean, not that I’m a huge fan of JG Jones to begin with, but…is Superman man that someone took his toy away?  That is one yech looking expression on his face.

More information on War of the Supermen at Techland (what’s up DC?  We want an exclusive!).

Also revealed is that Wonder Woman will go back to its legacy numbering with Wonder Woman #600.  Didio sent out a challenge to Wonder Woman readers in the DC Nation pages of all DC comics a couple of months back.  If 600 postcards came in, then DC would go with WW’s legacy numbering.  As it turns out, DC got 712 postcards, so Wonder Woman will officially go 600 in June of 2010.

I’m just a little surprised … only 712?  There were only 712 Wonder Woman fans who cared enough to send a postcard?  I honestly expected like 20,000 or something.  As it turns out … there’s 712.  Nonetheless, congrats WW!

The cover to WW #600, by George Perez.
The cover to WW #600, by George Perez.