A Batman sketch from David Finch.
A Batman sketch from David Finch.

Now this is some damn good news.  DC has signed Moon Knight and Ultimatum artist David Finch for an exclusive.  Though sometimes his talents go to waste, Finch is a hell of an artist.  We’re talking about the guy Marvel trusted to be the artist on the end of their main Avengers title (Disassemble) and the beginning run on New Avengers.

In fact, Finch has never really done any DC work in the past, other than some work on a Darkness/Batman crossver back in 1999.  But his art would definitely be suited for a DC title.  What’s DC going to have him working on?  No announcements have been made yet, but in this interview with CBR it almost reads as if he’s read some scripts from Grant Morrison – perhaps some art for The Return of Bruce Wayne or Batman and Robin?  Both titles seem perfectly suited for Finch’s capabilities.

Now DC just needs to start working on getting Jerome Opena over to their camp.  Come on DC!  Put this guy on a DC title with Paul Dini doing the writing!

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