All this week we will showcase the various books included in the Indy Comic Book Week Sampler we’re giving away.  Check out the contest details and how you can enter to win the Grand Prize or the second or third prizes.


First up in the sampler is  Ronald Russell Roach’s ARMAGEDDONQUEST. vAnd because the apocalypse is so huge, we’re giving away volumes one through three.  These are trade paperback size books,  y’all, which introduce readers to TAZIO, the small child who is destined to be the Anti-Christ!

Tazio lives blissfully unaware of his demonaic destiny, sheltered within the walls of an ancient Italian villa. There he’s raised by the strangest guardian a boy could imagine: THE ULFAE, a being who shifts genders and ferocity with the phases of the moon! Add to this a religious zealot of a biological mother, a dwarf-sized best friend, a suspicious town Priest and a past shrouded in mystery, this is one childhood you have to see to believe!  This is just the beginning!

Mysteries abound! Where did Tazio come from? Why is he in this villa? Is he really the Anti-Christ? Who are THE ULFAE?

duskIn the pages of David Doub’s DUSK, Eve’s life is a living hell of her own choosing. She struggles to survive in a dark world of magic and horror, all in an attempt to please her vampire master. Now Eve has crossed a line and and innocents have been harmed. This hasn’t gone unnoticed by a well meaning cabal of occultists that’s mandate is to police the occult world. What will happen when these two forces clash? Is there ever a ‘winner’ in the supernatural underworld of Dusk?

Our grand prize winner receives both the Dusk one-shot as well as Dusk Volume One.

In case you’re keeping count, the total for our grand prize winner in this showcase is up to five books.

And we’re just getting started.