Your chance to win the Indy Comic Book Week Sampler ends tomorrow… and just take a gander at some of the awesome books you could get…!

Arthur Issue 1 Cover Final Small“Arthur: The Legend Continues” brings the legend of King Arthur to a post-apocalyptic future. Issue 1 takes the legendary king from his “death” on an ancient battlefield to a village on the brink of destruction hundreds of years in our future.

With the world as we know it gone, mankind is on the verge of extinction yet still struggling to find purpose and hope.

From the ancient past a glimmer of light shines and a legend returns to claim his throne. Facing challenges never imagined in his time, King Arthur shall rise again and bring the mighty Excalibur to the throats of all who wish to do harm to his people

Our Grand Prize Winner receives both issues #1 and #2 of Arthur: The Legend Continues plus the first issue convention variant issue.  Our 2nd and 3rd prize winners will receive the first issue.

Life With Friends Outside Front Cover

Written and Illustrated by Adam Wilson and Mike Kay, Life (With Friends) documents those days following college.

With graduation behind them Drew, B, and Kyle decide to hold a housewarming party to celebrate moving into their new apartment. It’s a party of shocking revelations, unprecedented entertainment, and a morning after sure to leave all their heads reeling.

College has come and gone. It’s now time for Drew and his friends to head out into the real world.

The Grand Prize Winner receives Life (With Friends) #1 and an art print.  2nd and 3rd prize winners each receive issue #1.

Time’s running out.  Enter now!