While my buddy booster shotgunGary and I were at the Dallas Comic Con last week, Booster Gold and I teamed up.  Rip Hunter tasked us with the mission to travel back in time to smother Grant Morrison in his sleep before he could write Final Crisis and Batman and Robin.

As you’ve no doubt observed, we were unsuccessful.

While we weren’t the most effective crime fighting team – for what Morrison does is surely a crime against God and nature – we found we’re extraordinarily effective at hanging with the boys and rockin’ the ladies.

Booster’s decided to come live at my house.

Here are a few images from Booster’s first week at my crib.

(Click the pic to make ’em big)

Booster LOVES citrus! No scurvy for this guy!
He also happens to REALLY dig Iron Thistle from hometown favorite Rahr Brewery.
He's a little impatient for his coffee.
Booster digs a hot shower. Rather inconsiderate, he uses up all the hot water. Bastard.
Did I mention that he loves this Iron Thistle?
He's also a fan of the Dragon Lady martini. Booster's kind of a girl drink drunk.