PVP Online’s Scott Kurtz has been answering questions over on FormSpring.  Over the weekend, he answered a question about the drama between he and Hero By Night and Yirmumah creator D. J. Coffman:

Well, it’s a stupid mess isn’t it? All petty fights are. From my perspective, DJ worked as a cartoonist for a long time, even self-syndicating without anything he made ever really taking off.

Then he hooked his cart to Platinum, left himself no possible graceful exit, and now he’s just kind of floundering a bit, looking for some kind of relevance.

Right now the biggest thing he’s got going is not liking me. So he occasionally makes a big show of that when he thinks it will serve him.

But I personally believe that is the extent of his skills.


Coffman saw the comment and responded thus on Twitter:

“Someone linked me to Scott Kurtz talking about me on formspring to get my reaction. It still is I think that guy is an unhealthy hot mess.

“Unhealthy meaning not only physically but mentally.”

For those needing a refresher, Kurtz and Coffman have been sparring with each other for a couple of years.  Here’s more on the subject from Occasional Superheroine.