At Christmas time, I talked up my new found love for Lagavulin, a scottish single malt that is quite simply the finest scotch I’ve ever enjoyed.  My buddy, Thomas, sent me the following note…

Day 1, Christmas Eve

Purchased a $100 bottle of scotch, recommended by fellow co-worker(Aron). Didn’t know what to expect. First glass, neat, a little harsh, so I pushed her away. Gathered a couple of ice cubes from the freezer to settle her down a bit. Still a bit harsh, pushed her away again. I guess I was expecting a more gentle approach, it being our first date and all, but she was a bit ruff. Almost brought a tear to my eye. But it was my first time, so I really didn’t know what to expect. Mixed in a little water with her and we finally started to become a little more acquainted, but still, I felt a little violated.

Day 2

I asked her to come back. This time, again, on the rocks with a splash of water. For some reason, she was a bit more attractive this time. Me being a fan of blends and all. But I still wanted to take it slow, so we did.

Day 3

I think I’m starting to like her. I went in and grabbed her by the neck, poured her on the rocks, and held her close to me. She is smooth, I am very impressed. It took us awhile, but I think we may have something. I’m not sure how often we will get to see each other, but again, she may be the one. I’ll still keep Chivas around, because she was my first, but Lagavulin and I do have something now.

Aron, I guess I should thank you for introducing me to her. Maybe we can do her together one day. I’m sure she would be okay with it.

Most definitely, sir!  Most definitely!