Call it an oversight on my part that I’ve yet to mention the Sea Dogges here. For those of you who listen to RPG podcasts you might already be familiar with Springfrield’s own Capt’n Black’s Sea Dogges. Former podcasters, Chuck and Lonnie, of the Dragon’s Landing Inn are members and it was that connection that brought the Sea Dogges to my attention. Now, you might not know why I consider this a gross oversight. Let me explain.

In January there is a small con here in Springfield called VisionCon. It was at VisionCon that I interviewed C&L for the Bear Swarm! and went on to bootleg a Sea Dogges impromptu show. That entire show was released on the Bear Swarm! site free of charge over a month ago. Yet I forgot that I have a music blog to write about it. Oh well, better late then never.

Aside from having an hour worth of free music already linked to in this article, here’s a video for one of their original songs. I hope you all enjoy it.