satine phoenixRumor has it that the guys at Kicked in the Dicebags have found their long sought third host.

Satine Phoenix, star of such adult fare as Abominal Black Man 3 and Orgy Sex Parties 7, was the guest on this week’s show.  Word on the street is that hosts Jonathan and Chris were so pleased with the episode that they offered Ms. Phoenix the third seat.

As one might expect from the often coarse Kicked in the Dicebags, much time was spent in the show discussing Satine’s porn career.  She’s no longer in the adult film business, but she had a lot to say about her time there.  If you’re going over to listen, please note that while the episode is no more explicit than KiDB usually is, it is a good deal more unsettling.  I have an extraordinarily weak stomach and nearly threw up three times listening on the way into the office yesterday.

The title of the episode is Watersport Alert.

They’re not talking about water polo.

Ms. Phoenix has transitioned from pornstar to full-time geek.  She’s a blogger, an artist, and a gamer.  In fact, she’s got a Dungeons and Dragons actual-play video-cast, I Hit It With My Axe:

Featuring adult film performers Kimberly Kane, Zak Sabbath, Mandy Morbid, and Satine Phoenix, with a stripper named Connie, and a hairdresser named Frankie comes a reality web video series chronicling the adventures of a dungeon master and his stripper and porn star friends playing old school D&D. Guest-starring Sasha Grey.

If the rumor’s true, it would be nice to see how a regular female presence on the show will impact the otherwise misogynistic commentary of its hosts.

Oh, one other important point.  Satine agrees with me about using Persuasion skill rolls against other player characters.  So, for those keeping score, 100% more artist-RPG-podcasting-former-pornstars agree with me than with Ross Payton.