What happens if you cross Rammstein and the Beastie Boys? I have no idea, but Die Fantastischen Vier (or Fanta 4 for short) are one of the first German Hip-Hop groups to actually rap in German. If you can enjoy music in a different language AND you like hip-hop then you might actually like Fanta 4, but I make no promises.

I stumbled across Fanta 4 while in a hip-hop phase, something that comes and goes for me, and while I was dating a chick who was learning German. She wanted to listen to more German language music to help her study and I wanted hip-hop. It worked out… except for when she didn’t like hip-hop. Still, I’ve always enjoyed foreign music. Any music that can transcend lingual barriers is cool with me, and Fanta 4 pulls it off.

I can’t remember what the first song I heard one, but the attached is one of my favorites. It has a bit more of a pop sound then most of their songs but its damned fun to listen to. Plus they say a few words of English so I can pretend I know what the hell they are talking about.