Again with the old CDs I found, another band the turned up was Type O Negative. Unlike most bands I listen to, I remember how I discovered Type O. It was 1997 and I was a wee lad of thirteen. I bought a video game, Blood and on the CD there was a music video. I have no freaking idea why this video was in with the game, as far as I know Type O had nothing to do with the game.

The years have passed and my enjoyment of Type O fluctuates. Sometimes, like recently, I’ve really enjoyed their music and other times I find it juvenile. Regardless, I think its good (in that depressing sort of good) music and I doubt they will ever leave my collection. I’ve decided to enclose the first song I ever heard, Love You To Death. I couldn’t get the music video because its locked but luckily YouTube has alternates. Here’s the Music Video if you want to experience Type O the way I did for the first time.