Ever since M-Day, the day where hundreds of thousands of mutants instantly lost their powers, the X-Men have been scrambling looking for some hope as to the future of their race.  Finally, the first mutant baby since M-Day is born, aptly named Hope.  The X-Men rush to the baby to protect her, but they’re not the only ones who know of her existence – anti-mutant groups from all over the world are trying to kill the baby and with it, the future of mutantkind.  To protect the child from not only anti-mutant sentiment, but from the time traveler Bishop (who believes she will bring about his post-apocalyptic future), Cyclops sends his son Cable into the future with Hope, to keep her safe and to bring her back when she’s ready.

Hope returns in the pages of the currently-running Second Coming, but you can see how she was raised by daddy Cable in this awesome pack of goodies that’ll get your ready for the biggest X-Men event in years!

In this pack, you get Cable: Messiah War (HC), Cable: Waiting for the End of the World (HC), Cable #21-24 (the last arc of the series), and the X-Men Second Coming: Prepare special, which will get you ready for the return of Hope to the X-Universe!

How do you enter?  Well, in the talkback below tell us what you would have in your apocalypse survival kit, should Hope really bring about the end of all things.  One lucky winner will be drawn at random to win the prize!

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