From Jeff eSmith, the visionary writer and artist behind the epic fantasy Bone and Shazam: Monster Society of Evil, comes his newest series, the stark sci-fi series, Rasl!

Rasl is an art thief searching for his next big score – and trying to escape his past! Where other thieves plan their heists with breathtaking precision, Rasl has an ace up his sleeve – he can travel through the light between dimensions, affording him access to museums that no ordinary thief could access! Rasl faces an assassin’s bullet and stumbles across a mystery that not only threatens to expose his own illicit activities, but could also uncover one of the world’s most dangerous and sought after secrets.

One of the best new series to hit the stands in years, Rasl is an absolute must read, and you can get the first two (of three – the third has yet to be released) full storylines here!  This contest is for the first seven issues of Rasl, from Jeff Smith and Cartoon Books!

How do you enter?  Tell us the name of your favorite sci-fi story of all time (and why) in the talkback section below!  One randomly chosen winner will receive the prize!

As always, our FFD contest rules can be found here.  Good luck!

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