Hell to the yes!  We had a pretty good turnout for our first ever Free Funnybook Day, our day full of awesome contests!  We’re giving away a ton of stuff, and we want to thank everyone who entered our contests.  Our winners, drawn at random, are….

And the winner of our Free Comic Book Day contest is…Kevin Douglas!  Sorry ManoDogs…tell you what, because you are in such a bad situation, we’ll throw some free comics your way too!

Oh, and anybody who tweeted about Free Funnybook Day will get either a copy of Geoff Johns and Francis Manapul’s The Flash #1, the Green Lantern: Rebirth trade paperback, or Choker #1 signed by Ben McCool and Ben Templesmith!

If your name is listed above, keep an eye on your e-mail boxes – we’ll be in touch soon for your info!

If you didn’t win any of our FFD contests…don’t be sad!  We’ll actually be giving away more comics before you know it…in fact, I would definitely check the site next week if I were you …. hint hint ….

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