My buddy Tim over at Dice, Food, Lodging recently announced a big event:

In the spirit of creativity-under-time-constraint such as many other media have flourished (NaNoWriMo, 24-Hour Comicbooks, 24-Hour Plays, Game Chef, and countless others), Dice, Food, Lodging is proud to present Adventure Week!

Participants have one week to write and produce a complete story arc for an RPG of their choice. Complete means that the adventure should be ready to hand off and be playable by another gaming group. Production values count, especially since part of the goal is is to make these available to others. One aspect of Adventure Week that differs from other such creative endeavors, is that this event encourages team-ups! Writers, Artists, Graphic Designers, anyone you can find to group with and make a more exciting product.

Adventure Week starts June 27th and runs through July 3rd.  Get all the details here.