Nosing around DriveThruRPG, I came across a nifty, little 10 page game supplement called BIRDS. It is a bestiary article for the HarnMaster Fantasy Role Playing Game.  I’ve never heard of HarnMaster much-less played it.  Still, I was intrigued by the subject matter.  I mean, what was this thing gonna tell me about birds, right?


The strength of BIRDS is that it yields lots of information about the kinds of birds that populate the setting, where they dwell, and how the society interacts with them.  Some birds are hunted, some are companion animals, some are predators.  BIRDS provides a text rich with details to fluff out any game.  This is color enriching the game world. It doesn’t seem like much – birds – but there’s terrific detail here.  And the beauty is that even though it’s designed for HarnMaster, it’s a great resource for other games.

And here’s the really crazy thing.  It’s been YEARS since I have run or played in a fantasy RPG such as DnD or Rolemaster.  But here, reading just a little about HarnMaster… I am intrigued.