After two days of the convention I am still hearing about booths that I missed and last night discovered a section of the convention center I did not know existed.  I have not been in at least four of the large rooms that I do know of.  When I found the addition section last night it really drove home the fact that you cannot see everything here.  There is just too much going on to see everything.  I doubt if I have even been in every motel that has something going on.  If there is one thing that I want to show with my reports from the floor it is the sheer scope of the convention.  I had heard the stories, but no words can do it justice.

Yesterday morning I attended the Pulp Gamer Network Meet and Greet.  We had a wonderful recording with them and I discovered that there are many great people on the network besides just the Fear the Boot guys.  We discussed the use of video in podcasting and then moved on to the topic of using technology in gaming.  These are conversations I have had many times, but there were many new takes on the topic from these various podcasters.  Tonight will be the general Podcaster Meet and Greet at a bar called “The House”.  From what I understand this is a bar that only opens during Gencon.

This picture is both something I saw at Gencon and how I feel at the moment.  Gencon continues to overwhelm my feet and leave me feeling like the walking dead. On the way to my first Battletech game ever last night I was walking through the convention center and found myself in the midst of a Zombie invasion.  There was a parade of people dressed up as Zombies from the Westin to the Convention Center and from there they headed to a bowling alley for “Bowling Night of the Living Dead.”  I have seen Zombie costumes before, but there is just something fun about seeing hundreds of Zombies in one lobby.

As I was walking back to my hotel from dinner last night I saw a beggar on the street holding a sign.  Now this isn’t completely out of the ordinary because there have been quite a few, but I have definitely seen more in every other city I have traveled too.  This beggar though was refreshingly honest.  His sign said, “Why lie, I’m just trying to buy beer.”  While I didn’t give him any money plenty of people were.  The honesty was something I had not seen anyone else try to I’m glad to see it was working for him.

So for my first geeky purchase I bought myself a bar of Tardis Soap from Geeky Clean.  Also if you get a chance swing by the Fear the Boot Website for some video coverage of some of these events.