Art from the upcoming ongoing, Batman Inc.

Damn right!  I’m profanity laced tonight, so you know what?  Bruce Wayne may be the goddamn Batman, but now he’s just one of two!  There’s also the mutha-f*ckin’ Batman, Dick Grayson!

What, you say?

Yup…you know how we always get pissed when, just as we’re getting used to the replacement in a character’s suit, they bring back the original dude, and the new dude gets the shaft?  Screw that!

From DC’s The Source: Starting in November, DETECTIVE COMICS, BATMAN and BATMAN AND ROBIN will feature the ongoing adventures of Dick Grayson as Batman, with Damian as Robin. Meanwhile, Bruce Wayne will take center stage in the pages of Grant Morrison and Yanick Paquette’s BATMAN INC. and writer/artist David Finch’s BATMAN: THE DARK KNIGHT.

If you’ll remember, I was pretty peeved about the reason for two brand new Batman ongoings.  But, ya know, it actually kinda makes sense.  Except that I still am not sure the reason we need THREE Dick Grayson titles, and TWO Bruce Wayne ones.  But at least they all seem to be distinctive.  I guess this does answer what’s gonna happen to Sirens of Gotham and Streets of Gotham though.

Which ones are you gonna buy?