Love mood music to creep out your neighbors and get you in the mood for Pauloween Horror Nights?  Look no further than the newest cd from the awesome band NOX ARCANA!

A mere two months after Nox Arcana released the haunting Theater of Illusion, we have a brand new CD for the Halloween season. Joseph Vargo of Nox Arcana teams again with Jeff Hartz of Buzz-Works to produce the creepy horror soundscape House of Nightmares.

Dark things dwell in the old house by the cemetery, lying in wait for anyone who dares to enter. Unearthly sounds echo from the shadows of the abandoned mansion as sinister incantations unleash ancient horrors to haunt the realm of the living. The CD delivers 19 tracks of spine-tingling sound effects and dark cinematic music to create an eerie atmosphere of lurking terror.

Read more about House of Nightmares at FearNet and at the official Nox Arcana site!

Check out the new video for “The Forgotten Crypt” after the jump!