This week’s question:

What Elseworlds/What If? story would you most like to see?

Wayne chews on his straw as he sips his Captain and Coke, “The list is so huge that it is hard to narrow it down to just one.  I suppose though the story I would like to see is “What if Ragnarock had not happened?”  I would like to see Thor there when Hulk comes back in World War Hulks.  I would like to see Thor take a side in Civil War.  Then in the very different world that would have created I would love to see if Osborn somehow managed to gain power anyway how that storyline would end since there would be no floating Asgard to Seige.  Thor’s absense and return paved the way for many Marvel stories over the last five years.  I think it would be fun to see just how different the Universe would be if it would have had him in it.”

Paul orders a second mudslide, “What if…Spider-Man and Mary Jane hadn’t made a deal with Mephisto?  Of course, my plans for such a tale would be larger than one issue – maybe a mini-series?  Basically, Spider-Man would say “holy shit, it’s the Devil,” and turn down the deal to bring Aunt May out of her coma.  Unfortunately, then Aunt May would die, and Mephisto would be utterly PISSED.  He’s already convinced himself that not only does he want Spider-Man and Mary Jane’s marriage, he needs it.

What if...Spider-Man turned down Mephisto's deal?

“So we see the return of Mephisto to the Marvel U in a BIG way, like we haven’t seen in a while.  He sends demons into the bodies of mortals (so we get a whole bunch of new villains), and tries corrupting the people in Peter Parker’s life in an effort to destroy him.  Not only that, he sends minions to try and seduce Peter and Mary Jane away from each other (it doesn’t work).  Eventually, it’s discovered that he’s behind the plan, and we get a big epic battle as the heroes (using the same method Thor used to get there) storm the actual gates of Hell to remove Mephisto from the throne.

“Damn…I want to read that now!”

Tim looks up from his margarita, “I’d do ‘What if no one was watching the Watcher 2’.  Bonus points if you get that reference.  What’s better than Galactus-Elvis?  Seriously though, What if the Death of Superman was the end of Clark Kent Superman?  I’d love to see a story line with more of the heartfelt emotions you got out of Funeral for a Friend, and to see the DCU cope with the loss of the number one hero.  How do they defeat evil Superboy? Who’s taking up the slack?  Does Conner Kent start working for his other dad?  I’d also see if Dan Jurgens would write that.”

Aron puts the whiskey down, “The finest Elseworld’s book in the history of ever is Kamandi: At Earth’s End.  This 1993 6-issue mini-series catches up with an Elseword’s all-grown-up version of Jack Kirby’s Kamandi, formerly the Last Boy on Earth.  The story finds Kamandi seeking out the mysterious cause of the apocalypse that ruined his world and along the way joins forces with an ancient Superman.

“This series was crazy fun.  I don’t think it’s ever been collected, and this makes me sad.  I’d like to see more adventures in this world with these characters.”