First, dig that image of Ramiel to the left.  That’s no  Angel of Noodles.  Nossir!  That is one badass Angel of Light.

Ding dong! verily the sky is riv’n with angel singing.

Hark your heralds, my friends, this angel’s up for some holiday crooning.  Thanks to our official Knights of Reignsborough artist Jake Ekiss who continues to knock these character designs out of the freaking park.  Big ups, Jake.

We hit the trifecta this time.

Work, the December holidays along with the requisite social obligations, and influenza have conspired to keep us from recording our next episode of Knights of Reignsborough.  Sorry to say, we won’t have a fresh episode for release until January 7th.  Fingers crossed.

Far be it from us, though, to leave your stocking empty on Christmas Eve.  For your reading pleasure, here are two of our four heroes’ character sheets.

Ricochet’s character sheet

Hair Trigger’s character sheet

We’ll post the remaining two character sheets next week, The Coyote and Ramiel.  Other collaterals to come include the city map and other items.

From all of us here at Ideology of Madness and Funnybooks with Aron and Paulie (and probably the guys at Cardboard Crack), have a very Merry Christmas.