Funnybooks with Aron and Paulie: Skrull Baby Mama!

On the heels of our interview with Amazing Spider-man scribe Dan Slott, Tim is inspired to bring the energy and bullies the rest of us into doing the same. Join the brow-beaten Aron, Paulie, and Wayne as Tim prods us forward.

  • Aron’s messed up dreams
  • NBC picks up the rights to the Wonder Woman TV Show
  • Announcement of the next Batman movie villains
  • Cartoon Network’s Young Justice
  • Marvel to sell Fantastic Four #587 on Tuesday
  • (Marvel) Avengers Academy #8
  • (DC Comics) Supergirl #60
  • (IDW) Dungeons and Dragons #3
  • (Marvel) Amazing Spider-Man #652
  • (DC Comics) Batman: Streets of Gotham #19
  • (Image) Morning Glories #6
  • (Image) Witchblade #140-141