Sure, we could talk about the big DC news of the new Peter Milligan-penned Red Lantern Corps comic, but a fourth Green Lantern ongoing?  Still pondering how I feel about that.

Nope, the big news (I think) is that the letters columns are returning to DC Comics.  So (I’m guessing) those 2 pages that we lost for them to drop the prices of their books to $2.99 seems to be replaced with a letters column.  And ya know?  I’m actually really happy with this decision.

We are pleased to announce the debut of letters pages in all of your favorite DC books. Now you have the chance to ask questions and offer your observations directly to our editors and creators — so write in now and let’s get the conversations going!
To submit a letter go to:

Letters may be sent by regular mail to this address:
Letters to the Editor
DC Comics
1700 Broadway
New York, NY 10019

Please include your full name, and address, for confirmation purposes. Letters should be no longer than 500 words and should not include attachments.
Letters may be edited for length or clarity and may be published in any medium. Letters become the property of DC Comics.

Unpublished letters will not be returned or acknowledged. Published letters may identify the writer by first name, hometown, state or country

Get writing! And don’t forget to mention your favorite website and comic podcast!

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