We got you all hot and bothered for Knights of Reignsborough. You listened to us create the world of Reignsborough, and all of its boroughs and inhabitants, as well as establishing the powers and back stories for all of the Knights themselves.  Then, we introduced the story itself in Knights of Reignsborough #0, an audio story featuring what the characters were doing leading up into our first actual play session.  (if you’ve never listened to KoR, start now!)

Then…nothing.  Our last new episode was back in December.

So what happened?  Well…a lot.  The holidays, some extended illnesses, work…we really hit a couple of snags that have delayed the release of the actual play, to the point where some of you may even be concerned that you’ll never hear the exciting tales of the Knights of Reignsborough.

But we can assure you, that’s just not gonna happen.

The Knight of Reignsborough will be coming your way starting later in February, and it’ll be worth the wait!  Until then, we’re going to bring you some of those goodies we promised – new artwork, maps of the city, and some more information that’ll get you psyched for the return of the Knights.

Until then … comments, feedback, ideas?  Talkback below!