We already feature serialized fiction in our awesome TUESDAY TALES, from the talented and awesome mind of Debora Silkotch, set in the White Wolf World of Darkness setting, but we’re about to feature some more fiction for you guys!

So what do we have in store for you?  Well, starting SUPERNATURAL SATURDAY, February 19th, prepare yourself for the first chapter of SUPERNATURAL STRAIGHTJACKET, a brand new adventure featuring detective Bartleby Anduzsky, only available here on Ideology of  Madness.  What do you need to know to get into the world of Bartleby and the mysterious Blackthorn Asylum?

Okay, so there are three worlds.  There’s our world, with trampolines, sunshine, bunny rabbits, and ice cream.  It’s called the Second World. Why’s it called the Second World?  Well, because it was made after a world of darkness, where strange creatures roam the streets and magic exists.  That one’s called the Otherworld.  Why’s it called “Other” when it came first?  Beats me.  Someone from Second World must have named it.  There’s a third world also, a prison world for an ancient race of all-powerful beings known as the Timeless.  Pretty sure that one doesn’t really have a snazzy name, but it’s not a nice place to visit anyway.

Then we’ve got our hero, Bartleby Anduzsky.  He’s an occult detective who works in both the Otherworld and the Second World.  All you really need to know about him is that he’s awesome.  We’ll fill in the rest of the details later.

And now, prepare yourself for a tale of the macabre known as….

See you next Saturday!