Bah! Back in my day we only had two Marvel versus Capcoms. The two wasn’t because it was the sequel, it was because “two” was the running theme of the game. There were two dimensions to the game, there were only 2 buttons per punch and kick and most importantly, there were only 2 move sets that encompassed every char. Ken, Ryu, Morrigan, Akuma – it doesn’t matter. It’s the same move set!

We’ve been playing this game for over a decade. Why? Because we like it, and back then, games were expensive. You played those games until the disks melted. Now we have Marvel vs Capcom 3. 3? It’s not 3D. Is it because it touts a new “simplified 3-button control scheme”? Simplified! This is Capcom fighting game! We don’t buy these for simplicity. We buy these so we can spend 80 hours mastering one character, so we can bash our friends’ faces in with him.

MvC3 is targeted towards today’s kids. It has pretty graphics, the ability to play online, and girls with big racks. Graphics, pssh. Play Zork, then tell me what you thought of the graphics. Graphics are a compensation for bad gameplay. The ability to play online? You know what we did to play against someone? We walked down to the arcade. Uphill. Both ways. In 4 feet of snow. During the summer. As far as girls with big racks go … well, everyone can enjoy that.

If you’ve enjoyed any Capcom fighting game in the last 10 years, buy MvC3. You won’t be disappointed. If you are, suck it up. There’s a long history of disappoint in video games. Some of us didn’t grow up with fancy rating systems. If you can’t make a decision with out one, go read IGN. I hear they gave it a 8.5.

Until next time, stay off my lawn.