Getting to Blackthorne’s office had proven easier than expected.  The asylum was empty.  There wasn’t a soul to be found.  Still, Bartleby ducked behind every corner, peeked out before he entered any hallway.  As he neared Blackthorne’s office, he could hear screaming from outside.  He turned to look out of a nearby window.

Someone had opened the front doors of the asylum, letting all of the inmates out.  They were running wild in the tall grass outside.  They wouldn’t make it far.  The ScareCrows leapt from their perches along the outer asylum walls and bore down on the escapees, quickly subduing them.  It was mass pandemonium outside as the inmates screeched in terror, desperately trying to get past the Scarecrows.  You don’t get past the Scarecrows.

That was Carnage’s plan – release the inmates to cause the distraction topside, and escape from the subway beneath the asylum.  If they were free, it meant Bartleby didn’t have much time left to stop the escape.

He entered Blackthorne’s office and saw his clothing sitting on a nearby chair.  The office was an absolute mess.  Papers were strewn all over, dirty words painted on the wall, furniture overturned…he cracked a smile when the thought came to him of Thomas Blackthorne having to clean up all of this mess.  Alas, no time for daydreaming.

He quickly changed into his trusty coat and patted his fedora on tightly.  He checked to make sure his revolver was still loaded, and then tucked it into its holster.