Long Night


Debora Silkotch…………..Casey Gavin…………………………Human Psionic
Jera Morrison…………….Alseyne Aulaudin……………………Sidhe Changeling
Jeremy Whitener………….Korin Alabaster………………………Were Mongoose
Rob Bennett……………..General Branford Stonewing………..Troll Changeling
Kendall Nye………………Joseph McAdoo………………………..Ronin Garou
Aron Head……………….Story/Setting/Everything Else…….Game Master


“Pip has always had good taste,” Alseyne remarked as she stepped onto the control station. “I can’t say I think much for the company he’s been keeping just lately though.”

On the catwalk, Stonewing started a low rumbling chant. His blue eyes were filled with rage, flicking from the sorcerer to the Goblin King. “I have face the evil from darkest night, and felt his pulse beat with my plight. Where he stood and darkness fell, he crafted nightmarish and liquid hells. We could stand by and let him pass or choose honorable combat till the last. I know my place, my Grand Duke’s decree, and the plan he has for me. So to that place I’ll face him now with fiery rage to burn my brow. This place might prove to be my grave, but Dragon’s Ire will be his bane.”

Nothing happened.

Bran looked at his hands in shock. “Yggthor, lad… I dinnae think…” he shook himself once and visibly steeled his resolve. “Come lad; lets make the Duke proud.”

“Aye.” Yggthor hefted his massive axe, his jaw setting, quoting: “‘Your deeds are famous, so stay resolute, my lord, defend your life now with the whole of your strength. I shall stand by you.'”

Korin poked his head around to access the scene. “Ummmm so who’s the stiff with blue balls?”

“A real sack of crap,” Elijah growled. “He and I … we have a score to settle.”

“I think he’s the one that killed Claws,” Casey murmured quietly to the Mangoose.  “He feels like lots of unfriendly magic; watch out for that one.”

“Well my friend …lead on,” Korin said to the vampire. “I owe you for the loan of clothes. But after this we’re square.”

Elijah ROARED as he bounced to the catwalk rail and hurled himself at the sorcerer, howling murderous threats.

Korin sprang forward, taking the mirror opposite path of Elijah.

It happened fast! The two balls of lightning darted out, striking for the vampire. Pip leapt, striking the first flaring sphere, and sent it sparking back into the sorcerer.


Andali let out a cheer, from where she remained locked firmly in place.

Pip spun for the second one and missed. The ball exploded into Elijah, sending the illumined vampire careening the deck, smoking and twitching.

“Crap,” the satyr grumbled as he whirled back on the sorcerer.

Korin hesitated, then continued warily toward the target. “I always knew blue balls hurt but thats ridiculous.”

The magic-user’s face twitched in rage. “You will burn for that, goat!”

Casey’s expression darkened, though she never looked away from the Goblin King.  Staff Guy was seriously starting to get on her nerves, but it was Mardmor she wanted to deal with.  

“Burning goat hair smells horrible so I hope you will pardon me if I try to stop you,” Alseyne commented as she moved up behind Pip.

He didn’t turn his attention from the mage, but offered over his shoulder: “Hey, baby.”

“Sorry to be late to the party, dear. Alseyne’s voice was light and airy. ‘I was delayed by wardrobe problems.”

“That’s my girl,” The satyr shared with the sorcerer, “Always making herself pretty for me.”

She steps up beside him. “I see Casey got your staff back up to you. I’m surprised you dropped it.”

“You know me. I’m all butter fingers.”

Mardmor didn’t seem immediately inclined to leap into the fray, and Casey had jumped through way too many of his hoops tonight to assume she knew anything about what was really happening here.  So without drawing her weapon, raising her shield, or otherwise girding for physical combat, she moved closer to him.  Conversation distance, but well out of arm’s reach.  Mardmor liked to talk, let him talk.  “What did you mean, ‘all the pieces are in place?'” She kept her power near the surface, ready to leap to her call should she need it in a hurry.

“You are here,” The Goblin King explained. “Now the final switch can be thrown. The future is today.”

Swift, silent and without warning, Korin sprang suddenly and plowed into the sorcerer. His claws grasped the staff as he brought a foot up on it for leverage.

The magic-user’s eyes flared with dark intent. “Your soul is mine!”

Korin’s flared back: anger, not darkness. “I gave my soul to a test tube years ago — good luck digging that up, asshole!!”

Pip struck out, swung his staff — but the mage was quicker, using Korin as a shield.

WHAP! The blow struck the Mangoose in the center of the back. He lost his grip on the staff and slumped to the deck.

“I’m on your side…remember!!” Korin growled.

“Sorry ’bout that,” Pip muttered.

“How about hitting him like that.” The claws on each foot dug in and Korin launched himself forward into the knees of the magic wielder. The mage stumbled but braced himself on his staff, preventing a fall.

Taking advantage of the moment, Pip swung in, his quarter-staff a blur clocking the sorcerer in the side of the head. A glancing blow, but one that got the fellow’s attention.


“Aiiiii!” Pip shrieked in pain, spinning away to the deck, writhing.

Cartwheeling across the deck, Wynne threw herself feet-first at the magic-user, introducing her boots to his chin. With Korin at his legs, he fell.

The Mangoose seized the opportunity, scrambling up the man. The sorcerer held Korin back with his free hand, the shapeshifter’s jaws snapping inches from his face. “…Tear out your goddamn throat!!”

Fear was clearly etched on the prestidigitator’s face.

“YAH!” Andali yelled, “Get him once for me!”


Like a water balloon, liquid burst across the control station deck. McAdoo, the garou Casey had met earlier in the Whataburger, stood dripping in the midst of the group. He was in human form and bare chested — his flesh had the blistered look of a really bad sunburn. His gauntleted hand was clenched in a fist, while his other bore the Guardian blade.

Alseyne startled at the sound of rushing water, her focus momentarily shifting to McAdoo.

The staff-wielder pointed in Alseyne’s direction, but was intercepted. Pip swung his quarter-staff, knocking the sorcerer in the side of the head.

“Unn!” Sparks of power blazed upwards from the mage’s staff.

Alseyne, further from the sorcerer than Pip, reached up quickly and grabbed one of her hairpins and threw it at the mage’s head. “Thanks, love — I was distracted for a moment there.”

“Arrr!” The sorcerer cried out as the pin sliced him across the cheek.

“Always gotcher back,” Pip smiled, twirling his quarter-staff.

McAdoo sagged down on one knee, leaning one shoulder against a support beam, the Guardian blade resting flat against his thigh he shoved a small bag inside his belt.

Casey shook her head, unwilling to be distracted by all the sound and fury around her.  Mardmor’s glib explanation had lacked the ring of truth; if all he needed was to gather them here he’d sure as hell gone about things the hard way.  With the din of combat rising on every side, Casey faced the Goblin King as if they were the only two people in the chamber.  “You had all of us captured and in your power not too long ago.  Why not just bring us here yourself if this is where you wanted us?  You’ve just lost dozens of guards trying to prevent us from accomplishing exactly what you claim to have desired all along.  Know what I think?”  And for the first time her blue gaze met his green ones with unfeigned composure.  “I think you’re bluffing.  I think you desperately want us to believe that we’ve already lost.  I think,” she added thoughtfully, “that I’ve heard just about enough of your lies.”

And with all the force she could summon, she sent a bolt of power slamming into the glowing green stone he wore over his chest.

The Goblin King crossed his arms before him as the mind bolt struck. His emerald stones flashed bright at the impact.

“I shall explain myself, my dear girl.” Beryl flames crackled about Mardmor’s hands. “Demoralize the enemy from within by surprise, terror, sabotage, and assassination!”

Twin bolts of verdigris erupted in her direction.

Pana shoved Casey to the side. Had she not, the bolts would have hit her straight on. As it was, she caught one of the bolts in the shoulder. She spun to the deck, crashing hard. Pain! Oh God, searing, scorching pain. She broke into a cold sweat.

The Goblin King’s eyes locked with hers, flames smoldering from his hands. Pana inserted herself between Mardmor and Casey, snarling.

Casey lurched up to one knee, snarling as savagely as her dog.  Through bared teeth she growled,  “Then you should have stopped back when I was demoralized.”

Stumbling painfully to her feet, she raised the strongest shield she was capable of between herself and Mardmor.

Alseyne hurled herself at the Goblin King, slashing not at the stone of his amulet but at the chain just above it. Her blade struck the metal with a sparking flash, and the amulet fell to the deck.

Mardmor hauled back to strike the Sidhe noble, but Casey reached out with her mind and seized his fist, stopping it in mid-swing.

“Wha…?” Mardmor’s eyes widened.

Alseyne dove for the amulet. Almost within her grasp, the Goblin King swept it away from her with his foot while struggling with Casey’s telekinetic grip.

Alseyne rolled to her feet. “You going to be all right, Casey?”

Motionless, Casey maintained her shield and her mind’s grip on Mardmor’s hand.  “I’ll be alright when this bastard’s good and dead.” 

Mardmor’s lip curled back in a sneer. “Meddlesome girl!”

“It’s a flaw,” Casey conceded, trying to siphon off enough power to get a telekinetic grasp on the amulet he’d just kicked away.  “I’m always meddling.”

Green flame swirled around his bound hand and exploded, breaking her grip.

She grimaced, but kept the shield up … and with a fresh burst of effort drew the amulet to her.

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