Remember how we said that Sandbox Session 7 was our final sandboxing session? Well, we went and got ourselves a new player, which means we needed one more turn in the sandbox.

In this episode, Andrew (aka New Jonathan) joins the team and we run him through character generation.

While the artwork and title reveal the ultimate choice, the joy is in the journey. So, join us as we mock Andrew’s ideas.

Be sure to return next Friday for Issue 0.5 of Knights of Reignsborough. Season 2 is just getting started!

2 thoughts on “Knights of Reignsborough: Sandbox Session 8 – Fear the Necropath

  1. Was I the only one listening to this with the lonely guy, all alone at his home, works with the dead, post-cognitive.

    What’s he going to do all day in his free time? Go on the internet and read old topics and add to years old conversations.

    He is Necropost!

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