FBU: Video Game Madness!


Due to technical difficulties, we are unable to present our regularly scheduled Funnybooks episode. Instead, please enjoy a special edition of Funnybooks Unlimited! And come back Friday for Issue 3 of Knights of Reignsborough… Interesting note, this episode was recorded in February when Dallas was BURIED in snow.  Conversely, as of today, Dallas is enjoying its 10th consecutive day of 100+ degree heat.

Wayne joins us on the newest episode of FBU, where we go whole hog into chatting about video games, starting with each of our top five video games of all time, and end up going old school and having a conversation about The Oregon Trail and dying of dysentery.  Then we discuss how video games can appeal to our individual tastes, and complain about online gaming.

  • Our top five video games of all time, in which we literally have no overlap in our three lists
  • What we look for in a video game, in which video game companies charge sixty bucks for four hour video games
  • This episode’s Ragey Red Rant, in which we get ripped off for being impatient.

Join Tim, Paul, and Wayne on the newest episode of FBU, where your Funnybooks hosts talk about anything but comic books!