It depresses me that it’s been 13 years since we’ve seen any new content featuring the awesome characters Monkeyman and O’Brien.  Created by one of my favorite artists, Art Adams, this 3-issue mini series was published back in 1996 (there was a Danger Girl crossover in 1998).  And for those who don’t know Art Adams (seriously, he hasn’t done regular comic work, save for a couple of issues for Marvel, in YEARS)…well….let’s just say he can draw an ape.

The “Monkeyman” of the title is Axewell Tiberius, who comes from another dimension.  He’s super smart, kind of like Beast or Reed Richards.  The accident that causes Tiberius to jump between dimensions also causes Ann O’Brien, the daughter of a missing scientist, to grow to 7-feet tall, and get super strength.

An homage to silver age style storytelling, the two characters faces characters like “Shrewmanoid” and the “Froglodytes,” and the book is, essentially, three issues of non-stop awesome story and art.

I wish Art Adams would get back to these characters, or at least allow someone of his caliber (trust me, there aren’t many) to do a story with these characters.

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