With the might of Warner Brothers behind them, DC has produced a new trailer that will be showing in theaters as part of National CineMedia’s “FirstLook” pre-feature programming (Source).  Sadly, the actual trailer that’s going to be showing in theaters leaves a lot to be desired, I think.

Where’s the mention that these are “great for new readers,” or a call to people who’ve never read comics to check out the all new stories of heroes they love? Instead we get the statement “52 All New #1’s” as if the general public really cares about that. I think it’s ultimately ineffective, which is sad.

However, there is a 2-minute version of the trailer which I think works significantly better. It still has some of the same failings in that it doesn’t call out to the folks who actually have never picked up comics before, but the longer breathing room gives a better look at some of the heroes and comics. Check out that one after the jump.

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