FBU: Dogging of the Dead!


Due to scheduling conflicts, we are unable to present our regularly scheduled Funnybooks episode.  Instead, please enjoy a special edition of Funnybooks Unlimited!  And come back Friday for Issue 5 of Knights of Reignsborough…

So what’s “dogging?”  Damned if we know.

Luckily, Cardboard Crack co-host and ENnies recognized podcaster Jonathan Landreth joins Paul and Tim on the mics this week to explain what dogging, blumpkins, and a chili dog are.  Here’s a hint … keep a barf bag handy.

The boys start off talking about the biggest thing they’ve ever eaten, before getting into the awful, awful truth of Jonathan’s new porn obsession (with some zombie stuff thrown in for good measure), hairy French chicks, dropping anchor, and then, inexplicably, end up talking about Dragon Age 2.

Get ready for an FBU like you’ve never heard before with Paul, Jonathan, and Tim, where we talk about anything but comic books!