Ya know, filed under “wasted properties,” you’re sure to find the character of Tarzan, Lord of the Apes.  Do you realize their hasn’t been any new Tarzan comic material released since 2001’s Superman/Tarzan: Sons of the Jungle Elseworlds book?  (yes, that cover at right is by current Amazing Spider-Man artist Humberto Ramos)

I’d imagine this might have something to do with Disney having some kind of Tarzan ownership rights, but that can’t be right?  After all, the movie was in 1999, and the aforementioned Dark Horse comic came out two years later.  Does Dark Horse still own some kind of comic rights?  If not, why isn’t Disney doing anything with the property?  Come to think of it, since the end of the Tarzan and Jane TV series that followed up the animated movie, I don’t think I’ve seen anything from them on the character, even in their parks.  I know there was a 2003 Tarzan TV series on the WB/CW, but it didn’t last very long (honestly, given its format, it would be a big hit nowadays).

I mean, this is Tarzan.  It’s not Sleeping Beauty or Beauty and the Beast.  Tarzan is a character that should have continuing adventures, both in his world and in man’s world.  And while I understand that comics set in the jungle typically don’t sell well (has a Ka-Zar series ever lasted more than a year?), you can easily take Tarzan out of the jungle and bring him into the city.  You can even make him younger and more of a Batman-esque character (if you go dark) or Spider-Man-esque (if you go lighter).  The thing about Tarzan is that, unlike some other characters, he does lend himself to multiple kinds of storytelling, even science fiction (remember Tarzan on Mars?).

I’ve to see a modern Tarzan comic, though my tastes would prefer to see him in the city.  What say you?  Would you like to see Tarzan return?