So you wake up Monday morning and hop directly on your computer to download the newest episode of your favorite comics podcast, Funnybooks with Aron and Paulie, only to find…nothing.

What the hell?  Where’s your weekly dose of Funnybooks madness with your favorite hosts?  What comics were worth buying last week from your local El Camino Comics, and what new dirty jokes and insults are you supposed to use this week?

Well…the delay is intentional.  Last week’s episode of Knights of Reignsborough was released a little late and, since a good portion of the listenership overlaps, we thought we’d give time to let everyone download and listen to that one before we bombard you with some new audio.

So this new episode will drop this coming Wednesday, on new comic book day, so you can listen while you read your new purchases!  Not only that, some exciting stuff is in store on this week’s episode including comedy rockstar Mikey Mason‘s new single, and a fond (temporary) farewell to one of your Funnybooks hosts!