I am a big fan of HELLAS.

Hellas is a table top role playing game inspired by the myths and histories of Greece and set in a vast and epic space opera.  I knew I wanted to do a review here of this new addition but thought that there had to be a better way to introduce the game to you fine folks.  It crossed my mind that an interview might just do the trick.  So, I fired of a quick query to Mr. Grayson, creator of Hellas.  He was gracious enough to answer a few questions for you, my fine readers.

Without further ado, my interview with Jerry d Grayson.


How did you come up with the idea for HELLAS?

I originally wanted to do a game that emulated the Romance of the Three Kingdoms and the video game Dynasty Warriors. That’s quickly turned into a Sci-Fi version of the idea. While doing the research to produce the game I realized I couldn’t do the concept justice and stopped work on it.

I still wanted to do science fiction and wanted to do something super heroic so I latched on to Greek Myth and went forward full steam.


This is a new edition of HELLAS.  Are there any big changes that people can expect to find in the book?  If so, what are they?

The book is printed on used envelopes and gum wrappers.

In all seriousness the book isn’t printed on Gum wrappers…they cost too much.

What can be expected? The book has new artwork. The rules are much more concise and clear with lots of examples.

Skills have been cleaned up.

Talents have been reworked to give heroes more bang for their buck.

The Gods have been reworked and given more emphasis over their dominions.

Rules and items from the existing supplement have been folded into the game.


This new edition is also entitled streamlined.  What were the changes that you made to get this out of HELLAS?

The rules are revised for better game play. Over the last few years playing HELLAS I’ve found several bugs that needed fixing and a few rules that aren’t explained well.  The new rules excise some artifacts left over from when we used the Omni System and now the new sexy system is galled the Omega System. The last system HELLAS will use


One of the things I really enjoy about the books themselves is their style. They have the feel of an art book that is very evocative of Greek culture. What made you decide to go with this type of book and were there any downsides with it?

I like to say the book is all style and no substance ;p

Art is a major part of HELLAS and evocative art inspires people to want o play the game. My intention with the art was to get GMs and players to say “I want to see that happen in the game!” or “I want to play that person because they look so cool.”

I owe most of this to the talented artist who brought the game to life. Nathan Rosario, Nathan Marcel, Yoann Boissonnet, and Grace Palmer

HELLAS gets a lot of mileage out of the art and is there because a picture is worth a thousand words, that’s a thousand less I have to type…I’m very lazy.


You have 5 out of 6 successful projects on Kickstarter.  For you, what have been the positives of Kickstarter?  Have there been any negatives?  If so, what were they and how have you overcame them?

Positive- To now that someone out there appreciated the work and effort enough to pitch in and help it become reality

The Negatives-Shipping. Its always shipping


Are there any future plans for HELLAS that you can share with us? 

A book on all the menaces that inhabit the HELLAS universe.  Like a Monster Manual/toolkit.


Here at Ideology of Madness our philosophy is “If we geek about it, we speak about.”  What is something outside of HELLAS that you geek about and why?

In Roleplaying- Tenra Banso Zero. I’m very excited about this game finally seeing the light of day.  Manga and Anime roleplaying Check it out at the link below www.tenra-rpg.com/