It’s been quite a while since I’ve written a new In Search of Superman post, but I think now’s the right time to do it. 2013 is definitely shaping up to be the year of Superman, and with all the attention DC and Warner Brothers are putting on the New 52 Superman and the upcoming Man of Steel movie, there’s probably a good chance that most fans will miss out on a pretty excellent Superman story that’s already being published, Superman Beyond.

Currently starting a new arc with issue 13, Superman Beyond tells the continuing adventures of Kal El in the Batman Beyond continuity, written by JT Krul featuring art by Howard Porter and Livesay. For fans who’ve read Superman/Batman Annual #4 and Superman Beyond #0, they know that in this continuity, Lois is long gone, and Superman is trying to understand his place in the future Metropolis.

At 99 cents a piece, Superman Beyond is released digital-first through Comixology and tells the ongoing tales of Superman as he establishes a new identity (as Kal Kent, a firefighter), and fights the daughter of Lex Luthor and Solomon Grundy, with the help of Bruce Wayne in a pretty awesome looking Batman armor.

I’m enjoying the hell out of this series, and anyone looking for a great Superman series is going to get a kick out of it. The Beyond digital titles are published weekly, with Superman alternating with Justice League and Batman. All tales told in the same universe, but able to be read independently. Also, for fans opposed to reading their books digitally, they’re also collected monthly in Batman Beyond Unlimited from DC Comics.

The shorter length of the stories does mean that fans clamoring for the next episode of their stories wait a little longer than those who get their fixes weekly (like DC’s Ame Comi line), but the quality is so good, it’s always worth the wait.

Also, DC will be collecting all the titles I’ve mentioned this article in an affordably priced TPB this April, Superman Beyond: Man of Tomorrow. Superman fans longing for a continuity that more aligns with the one they understood from the animated universe will be in heaven in this series, and I highly recommend checking it out!