On April 18, 1938, Action Comics #1 was released to comic book stands everywhere, and a legend was created. Well, two really. Both Superman and Lois Lane made their first appearances in that issue (now worth over a million dollars), and have been a part of international culture since.

To celebrate, this coming Monday, we’ll be releasing the first episode of our new monthly podcast, Superman with Aron and Paulie, which will feature commentary on our favorite Superman media (the first episode is running commentary on “Last Son of Krypton,” the premiere 3-parter of Superman: The Animated Series), as well as reviews of our favorite Superman storylines. Tons of great Superman stuff coming to the site leading up to the release of Man of Steel this June. Also, listen to Superman with Aron and Paulie for a Superman-related contest!

Today, take some time to read a bit about the Man of Steel in some of these great articles:

How will you celebrate Superman today?

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