Superman with Aron and Paulie: Last Son of Krypton

Welcome to an all-new feature here at Superman with Aron and Paulie. It’s been 75 years since Siegel and Schuster gave the world their Superman in the pages of Action Comics #1. For more than seven decades the Man of Steel has inspired stories told in comics, radio, novels, TV shows,  movies and more. This podcast, appearing monthly here on IoM, will feature your Funnybooks friends talking about The Man of Tomorrow. For this our inaugural episode, we provide commentary on the three part Superman The Animated Series pilot – THE LAST SON OF KRYPTON. Plus, we talk about the extended MAN OF STEEL trailer and the new fighting game for XBOX and PS3, INJUSTICE: GODS AMONG US.  And if that wasn’t enough, we unveil our all-new Superman contest!

There’s lots to love about that strange visitor from another planet and this is your place to hear us do just that. We hope you enjoy it.

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