I can’t believe it’s not just pudding! Wayne has a new Bathood to scare the neighborhood criminals! Paul has concerns about the new Godzilla movie! There’s more TV news than you can shake a stick at, and it was a good week for Rocket Racoon! All in this banter-heavy episode of Funnybooks!


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4 thoughts on “Funnybooks With Aron and Paulie #227: Five Dollars!

  1. Listening to Aron’s comments about the darkness of the cinematography in Thor: The Dark World, I wondered what the hell he was talking about. Like the other Funnybooks hosts, I had no issues with it in the theater. The other day I watched it at a friend’s house, and I agree that a large part of the film is hard to see. There is a short scene on Malekith’s space ship where it looks like random lights against the darkness. I’ve never noticed such a stark contrast between the theatrical and the home viewing experience.

  2. Here is what I thought about the new Godzilla trailer.


    As for the rest of the podcast, what did you mean when you said ““Hide the aspect of darkness”? Could you expand on this a bit?

    What no love for the Stan Lee cameo? Sure, we all knew he would be in there but his line was too funny and it sounded like he really was annoyed.

    I do like how they introduced, or teased, the idea of an Infinity Gauntlet movie. Marvel has done an excellent job in make these movies like comic books. You CAN watch one but if you watch them all you get to see a whole new universe unfolding before you like in comic books but they are taking place on the “big screen”. I guess that might be why I was so upset that they didn’t follow through with the Dark Phoenix saga.

    Aron, I hate to tell you but us at Zero Fortitude like the second Thor better than the first also. Sorry man you’re wrong.

    It’s barely lit because inside because they have torch light inside. I don’t expect them to have 200 watt florescent bulbs inside. That would look odd. Remember the Asguards are based of Viking heritage.

    I was surprised you didn’t make any mention of the artwork in the end credits. As art critics, since comic books are a sort of art work, I thought you might make mention to how good the art work was there. I enjoyed watching that pass by.

    Just so you know the phrase “I like it” is copyrighted by Rainford of Zero Fortitude as is the phrase “Its watchable.”

    I did actually play in the closed beta for Infinite Crisis and I am not going to say it’s a bad game because I am not a MOBA player. Infinite Crisis was the first MOBA game I ever played myself. But from what I have seen of other games, it seems to very much have the feel of a MOBA game but with DC characters. I will say I loved the idea of the different universes coming together to fight each other. THAT is the reason I decided to accept the invite. And since they are coming out with figures and a comic about the game, I don’t feel like I will be losing out to much by not playing the game. I don’t think it will make it to any mobile platform unless, and once again I don’t follow MOBA game so I wouldn’t know, games like DOTA 2 and League of Legends have made it to mobile devices.

    I follow a few artist and their commission rates are around $150 for one character with full colors and background. Some wont do commissions unless you join their website. Others still just refuse to do commissions. I am guessing they also got tired of “dealing with” people and decided to just draw whatever they want. The most I have seen is $200 for one character with colors no background.

    I also got the Tomb Raider comic book and I felt the same way. I never heard the game described as “female die hard” but yeah that is rather correct. So I guess you just want a hot babe jumping through a jungle looking for treasure, this aint your game. The game feels real.

    Lastly, where can I put down MY five dollars for my very own “Icantbelieveitsjustpudding” franchise? The streets will run thick with pudding when I am done.

  3. Connwulf,

    On the one hand, so sorry that you had a negative experience with Thor 2 BluRay. On the other, glad it wasn’t just me. Misery loves company. 😉

  4. Hey, Bernie!

    I’m a little bored with the Stan Lee cameos. I preferred the JMS appearance in the first movie.

    I think the issue I experienced with the BluRay was a bad transfer. The lighting was probably fine in the theater, but bad on the disc.

    I actually hated the end credits. I strongly disliked the artfx. I thought it was ugly and not in keeping with the movie’s style. Would have preferred some comicbook Thor artwork… some Kirby for instance…

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