Continuing our conversation with this week’s IoM Artist Showcase illustrator Scott Blair… Today, we focus on the artist/client experience.

cover_bwidow1Ideology of Madness: From my own experience, I get the best work from artists when I can get them excited about the project. When someone is seeking commission work from you, how best can a client engage you to get you jazzed?

Scott Blair: When a client follows my work, usually they can tell what I like to draw. It’s easy to tell on the initial interaction if I’m going to be jazzed about the project or not. I’m fortunate now at this point where I can pick and choose what to take and what not to, I don’t take projects I don’t get excited about anymore. The end result just doesn’t turn out as good.

IoM: If you’re drawing just for you, what’s the subject?

Scott Blair: I love to draw sexy femme fatales with monsters, maybe it’s from growing up watching old Universal horror movies.

… Come back tomorrow through Friday for more of our conversation with Scott Blair and his artwork.

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