Superman with Aron and Paulie: Interview with Ron Marz!


Superman with Aron and Paulie is BACK! We’ve moved to a quarterly format for 2014 (since we’re doing Batman with Aron and Paulie monthly) and, for our first episode of this year, we’re interviewing friend of Funnybooks Ron Marz!

Ron recently contributed a 3-part digital story to DC’s popular Adventures of Superman (chapters 43-45), featuring wonderful art by Evan “Doc” Shaner. So, of course, this being a Superman show, we chat at length about the Man of Steel, including his favorite Superman stories and artists! In addition, we jump in the Way Back Machine and chat about Ron’s writing for DC vs. Marvel, back in 1996!

We also talk about the upcoming return of the creator-owned book Shinku (and the recent art submission contest for it), Dynamite Entertainment’s The Shadow Over Innsmouth, and so much more in this awesome extra-sized interview with one of our favorite comic writers!