Funnybooks with Aron and Paulie: DrunkCasting Fear the Con 7

Your Funnybooks hosts returned to Fear the Con in Missouri this past weekend.  It was the seventh year for the annual gaming convention coordinated by the hosts of Fear the Boot (a show about table-top roleplaying games and a little bit more).  Fear the Con kicks off with a social event, World Wide Wing Night followed by 24-hours of games over a two day period.

As ever, it was a good time with great people.

This episode features Aron, Paul, Andrew, Tim and Thistledown John. Plus, the guys are joined by Dan, Scott and Tony Mast all chatting over drinks after the first day of gaming.

Paul mentions his Clothing Burrito.  We share the following video as a public service:

Many of the games we played at FtC will be available here on Ideology of Madness in the weeks to come.

If you want hear previous year’s FtC con games, check the links below:

And just in case you’re interested, check out last year’s DrunkCast.

We return to our regular format next week.

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