IoM Actual Play: Atomic Robo, Year 2 - It's a Madhouse!


This episode of Ideology of Madness Actual Play features the first of our APs recorded at Fear the Con 7 in St. Louis.

It’s a Madhouse!

Alexi, Victoria, Thomas, Mitch and Intern Timmy return for another year of super science mayhem. After their stunning success dealing with a fungus infestation (and dealing with the fallout of utilizing Soviet space based weapons on US soil) they now find themselves investigating mysterious disappearances in the northern tundra.

This game utilizes the Atomic Robo RPG rules from Evil Hat Productions, and features Aron and Paul from Funnybooks. John from Knights of Reignsborough, and Dan and Joey. Recorded live at Fear the Con this year in St. Louis, Atomic Robo, Tesladyne Team 8 is the second year of our Atomic Robo RPG hosted by Andrew from Funnybooks.

Note that, because this was recorded at Fear The Con, there is a decent amount of background noise, especially in the second half.

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