IoM Actual Play: And a Little Child Shall Eat Them 2014

littlechild_ftc2014.fwIn a bit of a departure from prior recordings, AND A LITTLE CHILD SHALL EAT THEM 2014 is set entirely on the night children the world over turned on their parents, devouring their nurturers.

They are predators our children. Cunning. Deadly.

Which makes this year’s setting, a church youth group lock-in, a whole lot of fun.

This recording of AND A LITTLE CHILD SHALL EAT THEM is the seventh installment of the game in the original setting played annually at Fear the Con using the All Flesh Must Be Eaten/Unisystem rules.

Your game master is Aron from FUNNYBOOKS WITH ARON AND PAULIE

You can listen to prior year recordings here:

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