Three Beers and a Scotch: Christmas Music Spectacular 2013

3beersandscotch_xmas2013.fwIt’s beginning to look a lot like Scotchmas!  And Beermas, too, I guess.

For our third year of Christmas music goodness, Aron and Mark share a few songs we’re particularly enjoying while also sharing thoughts on a few bottles of beer and a fine dram scotch whisky all the while sharing Christmas stories.

The Beers:

The Scotch:

  • Old Pulteney’s Limited Edition WK209

The Music:

Podcaster’s note: Part of the recording was lost featuring the Scotch commentary.  We will revisit this fine scotch on our next episode of 3B1S because it DEMANDS commentary.

Check out last year’s Christmas Music Spectacular and the one that started it all!

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