So, I missed a week of posting. Many many apologies my dear reading public. Sometimes things get away from me in all the hustle and bustle of . . . life? Honestly I’ve been considering the format of how I write and present things on this blog and I think I might be doing it wrong. Granted, there is no wrong way of doing things. But, the way I see it there’s the right way, the wrong way, and my way. My way is typically just the wrong way, but faster. Yeah, I think that’ll work as the way of presenting things. (If you can tell me where that’s from I’ll looking into Aron getting you an authentic Ideology of Madness NoPrize ;))
But, regardless, I think I need to re-think how I go about this blog. Rather than trying to meticulously track every little thing I watch and provide you with snippits of thoughts on each, I am going to sit back and look at the list of what I watched since my last posting and if anything jumps out at me, I’ll share those thoughts.
First we go to Agents of SHIELD. I kinda like what they’re doing with Skye with regard to helping her transition to life as an Inhuman. I love Gordon. I mean I know he’s a character specific to the show, but I really can’t think help but think of him as he would be depicted in the comics . . . as a huge teleporting Bulldog. I mean come on, you know he’s supposed to be Lockjaw. Isn’t it obvious?
For iZombie . . . I thought it was a good thing at the beginning when there were maybe only one or two zombies around. But they’re dropping hints that there’s a whole lot more out there than even the Meat Cute (Yeah, cute butcher shop name) is serving.
Once Upon a Time. Yes, I finally get an episode that explains the how and why of Cruella DeVille being so much more of a modern villain being present in the old medieval world of the Enchanted Forest . . . ugh. that’s their explanation? I mean yeah it works. but it means the enchanted forest is all just a story as well, which gets to be a bit too meta for my tastes… and they brought Oz back? ugh. can we move on please.
Can someone else who is watching Gotham explain to me why we keep coming back to Fish Mooney? I have no interest in her whatsoever. There must be some phenomenal payoff for keeping up with her all this time. I mean, we know she’s not around in a decade or so when Batman comes on the scene. Or is Gotham officially an Elseworld where Batman won’t show up?
The man-things and I finished off the first season of The 100. I really enjoyed it. There’s more to the surface dwellers than meets the eye. and now the people in the mountain they were originally to meet have shown up. Guess I’ll have to wait for all of season two to show up in Netflix.
Speaking of the Netflix . . . I know I’m a bad geek, but I haven’t finish Daredevil yet. I’m only currently up to episode 10. Oh my God! I love this show. I think as it stands right now episode two and ten are my favorite. Senor Foggy!!!!!!! both the Drunk version and the College version of the guy. Elden Henson does a fantastic job playing the . . . heck if I actually know the cinematic term for it . . . opposite of the dark and brooding Murdock.