Okay, I’m taking a break this week from talking about my television watching. I have been watching stuff (catching up on Jane the Virgin, it’s been fantastic.), but I’ll talk about that another time.

Today and this time I’m going to talk about a movie I saw in the theatres. I don’t get out to the theatres much, but when I do it’s always for movies that bring out the squeeing spastic fan-girl in me. For me, it’s not just about the movie, but the entire experience. I didn’t take the man-thing (Can’t remember if I’ve talked about him much, it’s just the name I have for my significant other, anyway . . . moving on) because he’s not a people person, crowds bother him and going to see a movie on opening weekend just doesn’t appeal to him regardless of what the movie is. I was able to go with the DM of our gaming group because he’d had to work the night before when everyone else in our geek circle went.

So when we it down, there’s still enough time before the move that the theatre is playing “in-depth advertisements” about various upcoming movies or shows. The one that caught my attention was a show coming out in June I guess it is . . . Mr. Robot. Basically it’s the story of a young, computer genius that uses his hacking skills to bring the rich 1%ers of the world down a peg. It has Rami Malek who I swear looks familiar, but can’t place where I’ve seen him (even after looking at his IMDB page), and also Christian Slater. Even if I wasn’t interested in the show for the plot and background, Slater’s inclusion immediately sparked my interest. There may or may not be a bit of excitement any time I watch something of his.

Then, when the movie trailers actually started, the first I think was The Last Witch Hunter. Now, don’t get me wrong. I like Vin Diesel as much as the next gal, but I’m not sure how he got saddled with this project. I’m sure it will try to do exceedingly well, but I can’t help but to think that this is “A B movie with an A movie budget for special effects”. The plot seems like it’s one that was just recently done in I, Frankenstein. Lone soldier in a modern day secret war that’s centuries old.

The next trailer was for Ant-Man. I might actually get out to the theatre for this one too. I’m not sure about opening weekend viewing, but definitely on the list. Ant-man to me has always been the Martian Manhunter of the Avengers. He’s an original member of the Avengers, but no one seems to remember that. I know significantly less about Scott Lang than I do Hank Pym, and was concerned when they cast Pym as being someone so much older than I anticipated them to do. But, after seeing the trailer I went from cautiously optimistic about this movie to optimistic. It seems my ignorance on the subject of Ant-Man may work to my benefit.

Tomorrowland was the next trailer. I lump this movie in with Johnny Depp’s Pirates of the Caribbean and Eddie Murphy’s Haunted Mansion. From the trailer I’m expecting the box office returns to be closer to Pirates than Mansion. I’ve loved Britt Robertson in everything I’ve seen her in and seeing her in the trailer got my hopes up. But, they were brought down low with the appearance of Clooney. I mean I guess he’s an okay actor, but I can’t see what other girls see to incite panty dropping. I never have. I figure Tomorrowland will be a definite watch once it hits Netflix.

Now we move on to Jurassic World. JW, like all the Jurassic movies are movies that you really only watch once. After that, the enjoyment comes from watching others watch the movie. I know this movie show be high on my list, but I’m just “meh” about it. It looks like a reskin of Jurassic Park where Starlord has learned to be the Velociraptors Alpha.

The last trailer I before the movie was Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice. I’ve been trying to stay away from any major details about the movie, but I guess allowing for the trailer when at the theatre I’ll let it slide. Now, I’ve never been that much of a fan of voice overs cause I don’t think I can ever full remember everything that is said. And oh my gosh, could the movie look any more grim and/or grittier? I know he’s busy on other projects, but I’d love it if JJ Abrams could do a Batman movie. Bring as many lens flares as you want.

Wow, I guess I started getting a bit negative with my thoughts and I haven’t even gotten to the actual movie I saw. Tell you what. I’ll label this part one and come back with my actual thoughts on the movie next time.
/emote wink.